If you’re moving to another state, but not taking much, you need an option that provides the right size equipment at an affordable price. Payless Moving Inc. has the experience and options you need for small move situations like: moving from a studio apartment, getting items to your dorm room, and moving things out of a storage unit.

Whether you’re moving a refurbished piano you bought on eBay, a few household appliances, or the contents of a tiny studio apartment, our movers can help. Instead of renting a truck or storage container and moving the load yourself, you can quickly arrange shipment with Payless Moving Inc. Small shipment consolidates your belongings with other shipments to fill the truck, save on fuel, and cut down on costs so we can work with you on the price even if you only need to hire movers to move one item.

No matter how much you’re moving, or why, Payless Moving Inc. can handle it. Just load your belongings in the equipment that’s right for you, and we’ll handle the driving. Learn more about how our service works.