What is Payless Moving Inc.?

With over 20 years experience in the moving industry, Payless Moving Inc knows the correct way to prepare, pack, load, and move all your furniture. Our staff is trained to move your items safely and securely, and we provide affordable services that will fit your budget. We’ll work with you to design a plan to meet your needs, and we have an excellent moving consultant team with in-depth knowledge of the moving industry to answer any questions that you may have before, during, or after your move.

Why should I use Payless Moving Inc.?

At Payless Moving, our number one goal is customer satisfaction. With majority of our employees being with us for 8+ years, we know how to efficiently work together and get the job done properly. We are a family-owned business where we prioritize your needs, as well as prioritizing communication and transparency. We strive to give competitive prices and work around your schedule.

How do I get a quote?

We offer and recommend a free, in-home or over-the-phone estimate to every customer. We have 100% All Inclusive Rates with absolutely no hidden fees or extra charges on move day. If there is any potential extra charges, you will know about them ahead of time.

We developed a state of the art “Moving Cost Calculator” that can provide a very accurate moving estimate once you enter your complete inventory and all other moving related details on our page. The program was developed based on data generated from thousands of moves combined with our knowledge in the industry, which provides a realistic moving price.

Our Sales staff has years of experience as movers in the field and we do not low-ball or hide any info from our customers. Most of the time we will hear from the customer that they received estimates much lower then what we give them and that they don’t think their job will take that long. Beware of these suspicious estimates you received, because they tend to come with many hidden fees/charges.

The quickest and easiest way to get a quote is to fill out our online moving quote form. or simply give us a call at 856-784-4977 and we’ll be happy to assist.

How do I book my move?

If you decided to go ahead and book your reservation, log in to your account page and then click “BOOK YOUR MOVE”

Make sure to have your credit card ready for the deposit. Please keep in mind that our website is secured and we do not store or share your credit card information.

If you can’t book your move online, please email  paylessmoving@comcast.net  or give us a call at 856-784-4977  and we’ll be more than happy to assist you with the reservation.

Is the price based on the hours?

That is correct. If you’re having a local move with us,  your final price is based on the actual labor time + travel time charge, (all jobs subject to a minimum charge of 3hr + travel charge unless agreed otherwise) labor time are being prorated based on 15 minute increments.

Am I able to change my move date and/or time?

If you need to change your move date and/or start time before you booked your move you can simply login to your account page and do so, if you already booked your job please call our office or send us a message with your request (you can e-mail to paylessmoving@comcast.net or sales@paylessmovingsj.com or message your account manager from your account page)

Keep in mind that price may change when rescheduling the date as all rates are based on availability

Do I have to pay for the travel time?

Yes. Travel charge is a set flat fee that covers the time spent on going back from your job site or getting there in the morning (minimum 30 minutes charge will applied to every job)

Any travel time between the origin and the destination is considered to be part of the “Move time / labor time”

How does the cancellation work?

  1. To receive a full refund of your deposit, please make sure to cancel within 24 hours of booking your reservation or 5 business days prior to the actual move date. Any cancellations of your move after 24 hours of booking or less than 5 business days before the move may cause a total loss of your deposit.
  2. Any reschedules have to be confirmed with your sales representative at least 2 business days prior to the move. Please note that rates are subject to change based on the availability and dates.
  3. Please note that cancellation fee of $275.00 will be billed to you for canceling your reservation less than 48hr before move date.

What forms of payment do you accept?

All payments for services rendered must be in the form agreed in advance,

All Local moves (customer move within the state of NJ or within 250 miles as a straight job) can be paid by cash, certified check, money order, or credit card (a 3% surcharge will applied on all credit card payment exceeding the amount of $250.00).

All payment for Long-distance moves will be as the following: 50% of your move cost is due on pick up day by cash or credit card (3% surcharge will applied on all credit card payment exceeding the amount of $250.00). The remaining balance will be paid upon delivery (before unloading your shipment) paid by Cash or Credit Card.

When should I pay for the move?

There is a deposit of $100.00 required on all local moves and a $300.00 deposit on any long distance move. All service charges on a local move can be paid upon the completion of the job. Payments for long distance move has to be performed prior to the actual unload of your shipment at your destination.

Do you provide packing services?

Consider using our professional packing services which provide convenience, peace of mind, and can help alleviate the pressure of other obligations that accompany the moving process. Whether we pack the entire house or help with just a few items, our professional methods will save time, materials, space and will also minimize any possibility of damage during transit.

Do you sell & deliver boxes and packing supplies?

We offer a full range of boxes and packing materials.

We offer free delivery and a full refund provided for the return of unused products (some restriction applied).

Is there any weight limit when packing boxes?

Boxes should be packed properly, you should use the right boxes  Learn more about our packing supplies here,

Do not overload boxes, do not use extra large or extra small boxes, boxes must be sealed both ways, if you can’t move the boxes it’s to heavy.

What is included in your moving price?

Payless Moving Inc. Hourly rates are All-Inclusive and including the following:

1. Disassemble & Reassemble of furniture (as needed)

2. Loading, Unloading & Set up upon your request at the new location.

3. Free Pad-wrap protection of your furniture

4. Basic liability coverage of $1.00 per lbs. per article.

5. Gas, tolls & all taxes. (Excluding Tolls for Bridges & Tunnels)

6. No Extra Charges for Stairs and / or additional Pickups or Deliveries.


Long Distance Moves

Payless Moving Inc. volume rates are All-Inclusive and including the following:

1. Disassemble & Reassemble of furniture (as needed)

2. Loading, Unloading & Set up at the new location.

3. Free Pad-wrap protection of your furniture

4. Basic liability coverage of $0.60 per lbs. per article.

5. Gas, tolls & all taxes.

10. No extra charge for stairs (up to 2 flights) or additional Pickup within 5 Mile (at Origin only).

Absolutely No Hidden Fees or Extra charges On Move day.

Will Payless Moving Inc. disassemble and reassemble furniture?

Yes, absolutely. Our teams comes fully equipped with all the tools to tackle any disassemble/reassemble job. Please keep in mind  that some items are not build to be disassembled, moved and reassembled multiple times, therefore sometimes we are limited on our responsibility to the safety of items. Those items are usually press wood (particle board) made furniture. (movers will reassemble only items that was disassembled by us)

Am I being charged for packing of glass/marble tops?

No, we do not charge extra for these services.

Can I leave stuff inside the dresser?

The answer to this question is yes and no. You can leave your light linens inside the drawers, but please make sure to take out any heavier items (i.e. jeans, files, books). Please keep in mind that our movers might be changing the position of the dresser by standing it up vertically, therefore any small articles left inside might fall behind the drawers and get lost. Bottom line is, an empty dresser is easier to move and the chances of something being lost or damaged are minimal.

Does Payless Moving Inc. offer disposal services?

  1. Payless Moving Inc. can definitely take care of the unwanted items. Any disposal services have to be approved and confirmed by our staff prior to the move.
  2. All disposal services are subject to additional charges (unless otherwise specified on the estimate). Charges will be applied as follows based on volume measured by cubic foot
  • a) $25.00 per article – Small items (chairs, end tables, small bookshelves, boxes, etc.).
  • b) $45.00 per article – Medium items (tables, recliners, rockers, cribs, etc.).
  • c) $75.00 per article – Large items (desks, dressers, bed frames, etc.).
  • d) $100.00 per article – Oversized items (i.e. mattress, armoire, love seat, sofa, etc.).